Simon Cowell: Party Animal?

Simon Cowell, the judge, jury and executioner of American Idol, was photographed enjoying himself—like, really enjoying himself—at the Dorchester Hotel in London the other night.

Accompanied by an unidentified female companion (and, presumably, several drinks), the snarky creator/producer, 49, was obviously able to let his hair down. Come to think of it, he kinda looks like fellow Idol judge Paula Abdul does on a daily basis.

But hey, the guy deserves it; Cowell’s one of the hardest working men in the biz. He produces three shows—American Idol, Idol’s British cousin The X-Factor (which gave us Grammy-winning singer Leona Lewis), and America’s Got Talent. The dude’s busy. (But obviously not too busy for the occasional good time.)

Plus, he recently split from longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour, so the icy British guy needs some time to defrost and meet some available ladies.

Just be sure to take some Advil and a big glass of water before hitting the sack, Simon.