Chris Brown and Rihanna Brawl: Was a Text Message the Cause?

A new report claims that a text message Rihanna, 20, discovered on Chris Brown’s cell phone might have led him to allegedly beat and choke the “Disturbia” singer this past weekend.

The New York Daily News first reported that a text message might have ignited the violence.

TMZ cites a law enforcement source saying that the text message was from another woman who was planning to hook up later that evening with Brown, 19.

There are also further details regarding Rihanna’s injuries that evening. Photos reportedly depict the singer’s eyes almost swollen shut; a fat lip; a swollen nose; and contusions on her forehead and on the side of her face.

Brown is said to have threatened to kill his girlfriend, and to have choked her into unconsciousness.

The Daily News reports that Brown has been trying to contact his girlfriend, to no avail. The “Forever” singer is out on $50,000 bail, and his trial date is set for March 5. He has been charged with felony threats and faces up to nine years in jail.