Courtney Love: Dating Mickey Rourke?

Courtney Love, 44, has reportedly been dating Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, 56, in secret for the past three weeks, according to British newspaper the Mirror.

Love is currently entertaining the city of London, and was out for Night Two of her party blitz Tuesday evening.  Love once again dropped in at the Groucho Club, where she clearly had a grand old time on Monday night.

The former Hole lead singer, in town to be crowned Woman of the Year at the Elle Style Awards on Monday night, is said to be seeing Rourke in secret and was reportedly throwing eye daggers at him for flirting with gossip columnists the 3 AM Girls at the Elle Style party at Big Sky Studios.

Love was said to be “burning a hole” in their heads as wannabe Blue Man Group member Rourke asked for their phone numbers.

Courtney was also allegedly texting BAFTA winner Rourke throughout the evening.

Last night, the newly anointed fashion icon’s head was adorned with a purple gypsy-type scarf wrapped around her noggin, to perhaps keep the insanity from blowing up her skull as she returned to her hotel at 4 in the morning.

A homeless man reportedly attempted to speak to her, but Courtney reportedly ignored him. Which is unusual, asshe’s normally prone to talk to anybody who will listen.

Luckily he didn’t get shoved by Love like a hotel staff member did recently.

Don’t get between Courtney and a camera.