Drew Barrymore Sticking with Friends for V-Day?

Drew Barrymore may be playing is safe for this Saturday’s love-centered holiday. In lieu of a Valentine, Barrymore has been surrounding herself with friends and co-workers.

Recently broken up with costar Justin Long (and a rumored fling with funnyman Jason Segal), Barrymore attended a Laker’s game in Los Angeles last night with former assistant-turned-producer Chris Miller, and the director of her hit flick He’s Just Not That Into You, Ken Kwapis.

Directly following the game, she scooted to the Avalon Hollywood for a Cat Power show, bringing along Juno star Ellen Page. Barrymore directed Page in the forthcoming Whip It!, and they fostered an extremely tight bond, according to an eye witness.

“They were very close all night,” our on-looker said, “hugging and swaying. The whole nine.”

We’ve got to hand it to Drew, who indicated to many outlets while promoting Into You that she is currently single, on a surefire way to avoid heartbreak this weekend.

It’s not Saturday yet, however. Perhaps she should ring Cameron Diaz to avoid temptation?