Ed Westwick Seduced By Mrs. Christensen?

Harper’s Bazaar has a sexy new photo-shoot featuring Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick, 21, and model Helena Christensen, 40, paying homage to the 1967 cinematic classic The Graduate.

The original film starred Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman as seducer and seducee, respectively.

Helena plays a slinky Mrs. Robinson in a Burberry trenchcoat, displaying her gams to Westwick’s slightly-less-bumbling-than-the-original Benjamin Braddock.

Chuck Bass seems to playing it very cool, and well, Chuck Bass-like, as he drifts down halls with Christensen pulling at his ascot. As the pictorial proceeds, Westwick leans the über-cougar against the wall and fixes her with a passionate gaze.

Normally it takes a basketball game to get Ed this hot.

Or David Beckham.