Jonas Brothers Want To Land Their Music on the ‘Moon’

The Jonas Brothers reportedly want to get their music featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon.

MTV reports that the young Neil Diamond fans are more than willing to contribute a song to the second film adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s smash hit young-vampires-in-love series.

“The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part of [the sequel], that would be great,” Nick Jonas said.

Imagine combining the tween-pop culture juggernauts of fangirl favorite actor Robert Pattinson with fangirl favorite band the Jonases? It could be shrieking mass chaos in theaters!

The boys proclaim they are fans of the series, but admit that they haven’t had a chance to take in Twilight yet.

“I haven’t seen it,” Joe Jonas notes. “But I have heard it’s a great movie.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing it,” Nick continues. “We’ve been a little busy, so it’s kinda hard to get the movies, but we’ll see it.”

The Twilight sequel begins filming in March, and only time will tell if the three make it onto the soundtrack.

Could the JoBros be preparing to move from “Lovebug” to “Lovebite?”