Lisa Rinna Promises Mucho ‘Melrose’ Catfights

Melrose Place producers, we ask—how much more do you need before bringing Lisa Rinna back into the fold?

The actress and Dancing with the Stars alum has vowed to bring quality, claws-out catfights to the update of Aaron Spelling’s smash primetime 90’s drama, if only she got the chance to reprise her old character Taylor McBride.

“You know I can catfight, I could rock Melrose’s world,” Rinna told Celebuzz at last night’s Unforgettable Evening, where Saks Fifth Avenue honored Gwyneth Paltrow and Courteney Cox.

“With the wisdom i’ve had and the growth that I’ve had over the past ten years?” she asked, placing herself as an obvious choice to be included in the same vein of Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty on The CW’s franchise updated 90210.

Rinna, with husband Harry Hamlin in tow, has previously indicated her desire to return to the soap, but has moved on from pleading.

“I’ve been too easy, I’ve got to play hard to get now,” she said.

Good move, Rinna. That’s precisely what Taylor McBride would say.