American Idol: Tatiana Del Toro Inexplicably Advances

American Idol whittled down their candidates to 36 in Hollywood last night, and one of the more baffling choices the judges made was Tatiana Del Toro of Los Angeles, CA.

Del Toro is quicking becoming one of the most annoying contestants that Idol has ever brought us.

In fact Del Toro, with her Tourette’s-like laughter and refusal to stop singing when asked (check the videos above), is so annoying that party animal Simon Cowell had to ask her NOT to be annoying when she auditioned again last night.

Del Toro can carry a tune, but it’s often overshadowed by her behavior.

She even went so far as to ingratiate herself to the judges last night by wearing a bracelet from Paula Abdul’s jewelry line, telling Paula that she was unable to order the matching ring because it sold out, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Abdul graciously gave her the one she was wearing.

Besided Del Toro, other more logical advancements were made last night including oil rig roughneck/Care Bear Michael Sarver, widower Danny Gokey, the hard-edged sounding Jackie Tohn, and blind pianist Scott MacIntyre.

None of them were wearing Paula’s jewelry.

Photo: Chris Cuffaro/FOX