Angelina Jolie Vs. Thai Government

A Thai government offical has issued a rebuke against world traveler Angelina Jolie and the United Nations for Jolie’s recent plea to the Thai government to respect the human rights of Muslim refugees from Myanmar.

Jolie, touring a refugee camp in northern Thailand last week, tried to call attention to the Myanmar’s Rohinyga “boat people”, according to the Huffington Post.

The Rohinyga, denied citizenship in their native land, have been trying to land their seacraft in Thailand and have been repeatedly denied entry and towed back out to sea by the Thai Navy.

Jolie’s comments upset the Thai government, whose official reasoned that Jolie should have concentrated on the refugees whose camp she was touring.

“We probably have to warn UNHCR that they should not have comment on this because it was not the purpose of her visit,” Virasakdi Futrakul, permanent secretary of Thailand’s foreign ministry, said.

Jolie was visiting the camp in her position of United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

She should just tell them she has had her likeness carved into a lipstick. That should impress the Thai government enough to heed her wishes.