Attention Ladies: There’s a Loophole in the Jonas Brothers’ Viriginty Pact!

Good news for those fans left devastated from the absolute chastity announcement made by the Jonas Brothers.

There may be a wee loophole in the binding contract that those chastity rings represent.

Teen haven OceanUp quotes an interview with the hugely successful boy band, where they clarify just what they meant by vows to wait for marriage.

When asked if he really meant that he and his brothers would be saving themselves for marriage, youngest brother Nick clarifies, “No. That was a personal statement made under personal circumstances…but we wear these rings and they’re a constant reminder to us about living a life with values.”

Cue collective sighs of relief in middle schools worldwide.

Oldest bro Kevin adds that remembering to keep virginity intact is like remembering to lock the doors!

“The rings are like if you tie a string of red lace around your finger to remind you to wash your car. It’s a goal, a way of living your life with values. Being a gentleman, everything our parents have ever taught us. It’s a personal decision.”

Now, for any fans that may miss a more chaste version of the group, head over to our Wax Jonas Brothers gallery. Using our Zoom tool, you can see the statues have the promise rings attached.