Caption This: Jonas Brother Edition

Caption This: Jonas Brother Edition-photo

Kevin Jonas didn't seem too thrilled with his inanimate doppelgänger as the Jonas Brothers introduced their wax figures at Madame Tussauds in New York yesterday.

Was he disappointed with the artist's depiction of him? Or just distraught over the sudden realization that he could be so easily replaced?

Hit up the comments section and tell us what Kevin Jonas was thinking as e confronted his double. Go ahead; wax creative.



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  • Ngg

    'Oh yah, Nick looks great and I look like wolverine's gay brother'

  • alyssacullen1314

    since he's one of the jbs, i support him too.

  • beez

    Iheart. That's not right at all.

  • iheartcelebs

    he just realized that despite the hype and screaming teenage girls, he's pretty ugly

  • sbaran

    Doesn't he look amused at his un-likeness?

  • beez

    My brothers and me are throwing a little bash later at the hotel if you wanna come by

  • beez

    I don't know why I find you so hot, but I do