Miley and Margaret: It’s a Cho-Down!

The fallout over Miley Cyrus’ seemingly offensive photo just keeps on coming. Korean-American comedienne Margaret Cho, 40,  has tossed her two cents into the controversy, writing a scathing song to the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star on her blog. “I am so upset by Miley Cyrus, I think it warrants a song!” Cho reveals in a blog post titled, “Oh Miley.”

The juicier lyrics are  excerpted below:

“Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes/
Standing behind an Asian guy/
I don’t know if this should fly/
As if there wasn’t enough to despise”

“All you have to do is pull at your face/
To make your eyelids resemble our race/
This kind of joke has no proper place/
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!”

Ooohh…feel the lyrical burn of MC Cho!

That may be the least of Miley’s troubles, however. As TMZ reports, Los Angeles resident Lucie J. Kim has filed a class-action lawsuit against Cyrus asking for $4 billion in damages.

Kim—who claims to represent the estimated 1 million-plus Asian Pacific Islanders who live in Los Angeles County—says that Cyrus “knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ.”

In her suit, Kim claims that each Asian Pacific Islander in L.A. County is entitled to $4,000, the minimum damages for a civil-rights violation. Hence the $4 billion.

That’s some serious cash; Miley might have to do a little moonlighting if the suit succeeds.Maybe she can strike up an endorsement deal with a certain Los Angeles sushi restaurant?