Naomi Watts Isn’t Particularly Glamorous

New mom Naomi Watts was filming her latest movie in Marina Del Rey, California, today.

Apparently, it was Super-Casual Dress Day on the set. And Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Frumped out in a simple robe, 40-year-old Watts took a break from shooting to spend time on the beach with her one-year-old son, Alexander. (Watts and boyfriend Liev Schreiber welcomed their second son, Samuel Kai, into the world on December 13.)

While kicking back and taking five, Watts took some pics of Alex and stopped to talk to some of the other kids on the beach.

The name of the movie Watts is filming? Mother and Child.

So apparently, even when she’s on a rare break, she immerses herself in the role she’s playing.

What a tireless worker. No wonder she feels the need to dress comfortably.