Prince Harry To Get Sensitive

Prince Harry, 24, is being shuttled off to sensitivity training after once again making racially questionable comments, reports People.

The Royal Ginger has been ordered by British Army officials to enroll in equality and diversity lessons after being caught on video referring to a fellow soldier as a “Paki” and using the term “raghead.” But, perhaps not coincidentally, the report of his training comes a day after British comedian Stephen K. Amos, who is black, revealed on a British talk show that Harry  told him, “You don’t sound like a black chap” after Amos performed for Prince Charles’ 60th birthday. (For the record, Amos told the media, “I do not believe Prince Harry was racist to me.”)


Harry’s “Think before you speak, moron” classes are scheduled to take place soon, and will last several days.

Maybe Harry should have just taken a cue from Malibu’s biggest loudmouth and simply issued a series of high-profile apologies.