Zac Efron: I Love My…Straw Fedora!

An allegedly three-nippled Zac Efron has been has been making good use of his new favorite accessory—a straw fedora—lately. The High School Musical heartthrob stole away with his honey Vanessa Hudgens to the Caras Islands last week. As the lovebirds returned to Los Angeles International Airport, the hat served as a prop to hide their smooch!

That was far from the first time the unique—and handy—chapeau has made an appearance on Efron’s noggin. It debuted on Zac’s head while he was promoting Hairspray in New York City back in 2007.

It seems Zac gave the hat a rest for a while and pulled a Robert Pattinson, wearing a beanie instead.

Concealing a greasy mop of locks with some interesting headgear seems to work for RPattz. What do you think of Zac’s hair concealer?