Celebrity Bloggers’ V-Day Confessions

Ever wonder what the rich and famous do for Valentine’s Day while you’re at home watching movies? Celebuzz asked your favorite celebrities some very personal questions about Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you didn’t know that Kim Kardashian crushes on a famous single hottie? It’s none other than notorious bachelor George Clooney. “He’s just so sexy,” she gushes.

Whitney Port of The City admits to being “a pretty late-bloomer” when it comes to her first kiss. She and her 10th grade sweetie had been dating for a while but she “was sooooo scared of kissing him,” she admits.

While Mischa Barton reveals that her first smooch “tried to force his tongue down my throat” on the set of Pups. Speaking of doggies, “as strange as this may sound,” Mischa says, her secret celebrity crush is…Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer!

And Kim’s little sis Khloe Kardashian shows us her worst Valentine’s Day ever, and confesses “Matt Leinart is my number one” crush. She explains, “he’s the one who hooked Reggie and Kim up.” But if Matt’s taken, she’ll go with her backup choice–her boss…Ryan Seacrest! Khloe quips, “It’s a bad economy people and mama needs a new pair of shoes!!!”

Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson’s first kiss “just happened with my 6th grade boyfriend at Skate World,” she says. Now she secretly pines for Edward Norton!

Though she’ll be with her man this year, Kendra recalls her most embarrassing V-day moment when she was solo…at the Playboy mansion: “About two years ago Hef had a V-day celebration. I was opening the gifts and there were candles all around and the wrapping caught on fire and there was a huge fire. I screamed and ran out of the room and it was all on camera!!”

Kendra also shares her 5 fave V-day love songs:

George Strait – “Carry Your Love With Me”
Jodeci – “Love You For Life”
Sade – “Your Love is King”
Maxwell – “Fortunate”
Musiq Soulchild – “Love”

Find out which songs get Kim, Mischa, Whitney, and Khloe in the mood!