Lily Allen’s Third Nipple Leading The Way To #1?

Lily Allen is using every asset available to promote her new album It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Including a genetic quirk.

Allen, 23, was a guest on Z100’s Party Plane on Paradise Island in the Bahamas yesterday, and took the opportunity to once again show off her third nipple in an interview with host Elvis Duran.

And it was all part of a plea to buy her album.

“I’ve never had a number one album in England, never mind the U.S., and all of this is a bit crazy.”

“I’ve never begged you to buy from me ever, but I am now. This will be the only time ever in my life that this could happen for me,” she said.

Lily, dressed in a sundress, lifted up her covering to show off her third nipple.

Losing clothing seems to have become her M.O. lately.

Allen’s quickly becoming known for the move – having exposed her tiny extra on several talk shows. And in public.

Allen was a guest along with Nick Lachey and Kelly Clarkson. Who both managed to keep THEIR shirts on.

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