Madonna Worth $37,500 Nude

A nude photo of Jesus freak Madonna, 50, sold for $37,500 yesterday at an auction at Christie’s in New York City.

You can get a whole mess of her nude photos in her Sex book on Ebay for much less!

CNN reports that the 13-inch by 8 5/8-inch framed photograph was purchased by Madonna for her personal shrine to herself an anonymous bidder via phone.

The photograph was taken in 1979 by photographer Lee Friedlander.

Man-swapping Madge, in a much different financial situation back then, was paid $25 for the entire shoot.

The Material Mom is currently showing off her alleged new lover Jesus Luz, 22, around NYC, while her alleged PREVIOUS lover Alex Rodriguez wrestles with the fallout from his recent confession of steroid use.

The majority of the nude photos from the 1979 shoot were featured in an issue of Playboy in 1985.

Whomever the buyer was probably could have gotten that issue for a lot less than $37,500 as well!