Nicollette’s TV Husband: Sheridan’s Going to “Chill”

While she hasn’t always been lucky in her off-screen love life, Nicollette Sheridan’s television marriage is coming to an amicable end.

Celebuzz caught up with Sheridan’s Desperate Housewives groom Neal McDonough last night at the Street Fighter IV video game launch in Downtown Los Angeles, where he filled us in on the blonde’s departure and future plans.

“[Her leaving] was between her and the producers, she wanted to do certain things. But besides that its been a very happy ending. It’s great for everyone,” McDonough said.

And what’s next for the former Michael Bolton flame?

“She’s going to take a little relaxation time. She’s worked her ass off on the show for five years now, she’s been in television for like 20 years,” said the actor, who plays the criminally insane Dave Williams on the ABC hit.

“She’s going to relax for a while and chill.”