T2 Trailer: Shia, Why So Serious?

In the new full-length trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen which will be attached to the Friday the 13th remake opening this weekend, Shia LaBeouf screams at his movie dad to run like hell and then gets pinned down by some nasty tech.

You would be screaming at your Dad to run too if the robots coming after you were big enough to smash through freeway overpasses without blinking a piston and taking out aircraft carriers left and right.

The former Even Stevens star’s hand injury stemming from a car accident this past summer supposedly held up production and had to be introduced into the script.

But it doesn’t appear to have slowed him down at all.

Director Michael Bay went all out with his sequel to the hit 2007 actionfest. According to SuperHeroHype he filmed at the pyramids in Egypt, used IMAX cameras for three scenes, and reportedly wanted to make this film more epic and darker.

Judging by star Megan Fox’s screams, the licenseless Shia’s panicked looks and the immense property damage involved in the new trailer – he looks like he pulled it off.