The Gyllenhaals Welcome ‘Uncle Vanya’

Jake Gyllenhaal joined his sister Maggie and Maggie’s companion (and father of her daughter Ramona) Peter Sarsgaard at the afterparty for the the Classic Stage Company’s production of Uncle Vanya last night in NYC.

The three posed for snaps during the party at Pangea.

Maggie and Peter star together in the production, and both are garnering positive reviews.

Newsday describes Maggie’s performance as Yelena as “seriously delightful” and “the real thing.”

No wonder she’s got that bemused smile on her face. This must have more than made up for the boos and hisses over her Golden Globes dress disaster.

As for Sarsgaard, “he captures the lights and shadows in this more likable character.”

There must have been some rejoicing in the Sarsgaard/Gyllenhaal household this morning!

As for little bro Jake, cute in a scalley cap, he was all by himself last night…apparently having left longtime girlfriend Reese Witherspoon back in LA.

It must have been Chapeau Night, as Saarsgard was wearing a hat, too. Thought his Amish preacher hat is nowhere as splendid as Jake’s cap.