VIDEO: Jonas Bros Let Down Their Guard on Letterman

Who knew that David Letterman could crack those private Jonas Brothers?

Nick, Joe and Kevin made their first appearance ever on the CBS show to promote their new 3D concert movie, and were asked by the wisecracking host about their former girlfriends.

Luckily for Letterman, the boys (who recently hinted that keeping their v-cards until marriage may not be such a hot prospect for them anymore) were a lot more forthcoming than a certain grizzled and monosyllabic former actor/current “hip-hop artist.”

When Letterman brought up Miley Cyrus and asked which one of the boys was linked with her, Nick opened up about his past relationship with Hannah Montana:


“I was 14. I was pretty young, so I think you can just consider it a young, little relationship,” he said.

And then it was Joe’s turn on the ex-girlfriend questions hot seat when Letterman asked about his relationship with Taylor Swift and its legendary ending.

“You know… we didn’t work out,” he said to the laughter of his newly waxed brothers and the audience.

“Yeah, it’s funny now, but try saying that when you’re 62,” Dave shot back.

The brothers also took part in reading their own Top Ten list, which included a jab at Angelina Jolie.

10. Our new 3D concert film puts you right in the middle of a six-hour tour bus ride from Pittsburgh to Albany.

9. Often we are astonished by how adorable we are.

8. Sometimes we lather, rinse, repeat and then repeat again!

7. Last Sunday night, I won a Grammy for “Best New Jonas.”

6. Osama said he’d come out of hiding if we’d meet his 15-year-old niece.

5. One time when we were on the road, things got really crazy and we stayed up until 10:30.

4. We’ve seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop 27 times.

3. Once a week we get mail for Dr. Joyce Brothers.

2. We have no idea who that old dude behind the desk is.

1. A couple years back, Angelina Jolie tried to adopt us.

Check out the video: