What Happened? Monaghan's Dueling Dresses

What Happened? Monaghan's Dueling Dresses-photo

Michelle Monaghan, what happened?

The Eagle Eye actress and new mom turned up to a Vogue and BWM celebration in New York City last night, where the German auto makers unveiled their new 7 Series model.

While a beamer may be aesthetically pleasing, we were overjoyed with Michelle's mod metallic cocktail dress, simple pumps and smoky eyes.

An unpleasant exchange occured, however, when Monoghan decided to switch ensembles en route to amFAR's gala to kick off New York's Fall Fashion Week.

The star changed into a dizzying Louis Vuitton dress, with intense left-side detail and busy Vuitton pumps.

It wasn't broke, Monaghan. What possesed you to "fix" it?

We get a stab at being fashion forward, but with your gal-next-door look an aspirational outfit will always be a sophisticated one. Leave avant garde to the pro's or, at very least, the spokespeople.








Photo Source: Getty Images/WireImage



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