What’s So Great About…Jared Padalecki?

Jared Padalecki is no stranger to the Supernatural. Starring on the CW show, he battles ghouls and goblins weekly. It’s made him a perfect candidate for his big breakout role: Rivaling supernatural nemesis Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th.

In the big screen Michael Bay remake, there are 13 gruesome (and supposedly comedic) murders. Jared plays a hunky biker searching for his missing sibling. After an unfruitful police investigation, Jared’s character Clay embarks on a lone mission to track down his sister. Locals have warned Clay not to venture into the woods. But a student offers to help him – actress Danielle Panabaker. Soon they encounter the hockey-masked villain, and save promiscuous teens from uncertain death along the way.

In an interview with Expressnightout.com, Jared says he hasn’t even seen the film!


“I’m actually the only member of the cast and crew who hasn’t seen it. I live and work in Vancouver for nine months a year, so when they’ve done screenings in Los Angeles, I’m usually in Canada filming.”

Originally from Texas, the six-feet-four inch hottie came to Hollywood after winning a nationwide contest to present the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. 

One year later, he landed a role on Gilmore Girls as Rory’s on-again, off-again boyfriend where he rose to sex symbol status.

He landed a role in a TV show called Cry Wolf where he met his ex-fiance — then costar — Sandra McCoy. But Padalecki returned to the small screen in 2005 to star on the eerie sci-fi series Supernatural.

 His mom Sherri, a heroes, myths, and legends high school teacher gave him some info on mythology to prep him for his Supernatural role. Check him out at the Teen Choice Awards:


Could Jared become the next teen sensation?