Isla Fisher Is a Flashy Gal

Apparently, Isla Fisher shares her fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen’s penchant for exposing bits of flesh that normally remain covered in polite society.

The 32-year-old Confessions of a Shopaholic star recently appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and admitted to a particularly embarrassing showing at an awards ceremony a couple of years ago.

“I went to the Golden Globes for the first time [in 2007], and I wore this beautiful blue dress which is sort of princessy, and I was so pleased with myself,” Fisher recalled, according to Us Magazine. “I was cocky as I strutted down the red carpet, and posing over my shoulder. And then I got to the end and I realized it had ripped right up the back, and my right cheek was totally exposed.”

Consequently, Fisher noted, the tabloid press “reported it as ‘Isla Flasher,’ and my friends all started calling me Isla Flasher instead of Isla Fisher.”

Ouch! Talk about an incident that could redden anyone’s cheeks (the ones on their faces, that is).

But Isla shouldn’t feel too ashamed; if Amanda Bynesappearance at New York Fashion Week is any indication, inadvertently sowing a little rump is all the rage these days.

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