Patrick Swayze Probably Shouldn’t Be Smoking

If anyone should probably think about giving up cigarettes, it’s Patrick Swayze.

The 56-year-old actor, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, was spotted in Beverly Hills recently, looking frail and gaunt but puffing away as he waited for his wife, Lisa Niemi, to pick up a take-out pizza.

According to the Daily Mail, Swayze sucked down several cigarettes in less than 10 minutes while waiting in the car for Niemi.

“He was puffing away and appeared as if he didn’t have a care in the world,” one onlooker told the pqper. “It’s so sad.”

And probably not the best idea for a guy who was just hospitalized for pneumonia a few weeks ago.

Swayze, who’s latest project is A&E series The Beast and admits that his struggle with cancer has been “hell,” said in a recent interview, “When it looks like I may live longer than five minutes I’ll drop cigarettes like a hot potato.”

Readers, have your say in the comments: Should Patrick Swayze kick the habit, or should people leave him alone and let him live it up while he still can?