Lily Allen Says Parents Should Encourage Kids’ Drug Use

Lily Allen just can’t seem to stop making a fool of herself when it comes to drug talk.

British paper News of the World reports that the 23-year-old singer—who was blasted earlier this year for making pro-cocaine comments—has infuriated parents by suggesting that they tell their kids to take drugs, including Ecstasy.

“Parents should say, ‘Drugs might seem fun, but they do funny things to your brain. Some people react to it good, some don’t. Try it and see what you think,'” Allen opined in an interview with Dutch magazine Revu.

Allen—who’s had her own high-profile struggles with alcohol—went on to add that her career is the only thing preventing her from binging on the “love drug” Ecstasy: “If I hadn’t been famous I’d have taken loads. Wouldn’t be too wise right now.”

Sure, but neither is advising parents to allow their kids to take drugs, Lily. Are you sure you’re not high on something?