Robert Pattinson Gets Happy at Groucho Club. Again.

The vampire lifestyle can be stressful. So it’s hard to fault Twilight star Robert Pattinson for blowing off a little steam in London’s nightlife.

But really, maybe RPattz should consider varying his routine a little.

Pattinson, 22, was spotted emerging from the members-only Groucho Club on Friday night, looking like he’d fully indulged in the revelry that the club has to offer.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Pattinson was seen in much the same condition leaving the same venue last Saturday. It’s like Groundhog Day for the party set!

According to witnesses, Pattinson drew public attention while exiting the club, with some of the onlookers recognizing him and some not. Hopefully one person who didn’t recognize him is fellow Groucho habitué Courtney Love, who’s daughter, Frances Bean, has been crushing hard on the actor lately.

Pattinson may have perfected the art of eluding stalkers, but the widow Cobain is no doubt harder to shake.