Britney Spears: No Really, That’s Wax

A new wax figure of Circus ringmaster Britney Spears, 27, has been unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in London. And it’s lifelike quality is almost chilling.

The new figure depicts major 50 Cent inspiration Britney as she looked at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, where she wore a shimmery silver dress as she accepted multiple awards for her “Piece of Me” video.

The figure looks like it could stop, drop and bust into some choreography at any minute.

It was considered the first stop on the road to a successful comeback that has resulted in a #1 album and sold-out shows on her upcoming tour, which will be sponsored by Virgin Mobile and be her first nationwide concert series since the Onyx Hotel Tour of 2004.

Sky News reports that the old Spears figure was made eight years ago and the museum felt that it was time to update it.

Museum spokesperson Liz Edwards says that Britney has “undergone a huge transformation since then and we wanted to reflect her as she is now.”