Introducing the Roscars!

Introducing the Roscars!-photo

Forget three hour award shows—Celebuzz is bringing you something much more exciting: our first ever Reality Awards, the Roscars!

And you, dear reader, will serve on the esteemed panel of judges.

Your fave celebs got together and picked the best scenes from their own reality shows. And now it's your chance to vote on your favorite moments from The Hills, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bromance, The Girls Next Door, Millionaire Matchmaker and Flipping Out!

These best moments from each show were personally chosen by Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Brody Jenner, Patti Stanger and Jeff Lewis

The categories are:

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Best Fight 
Best Comedic Moment 
Best Dramatic Moment 
Least Glamorous Moment 
Best Romantic Moment 
Best Kiss 

Each day this week, we'll roll out two new categories, and you will be urged to do your civic duty and vote. We'll announce the winners on Friday. Stay tuned for your next posting!



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  • sweet_tooth123

    i think kim and khloes was definately the best and funniest! HAHAHA xoxo

  • noah

    let's see what you look like Noah. I bet you smell like two camels crapped on you Pff... I'm gorgeous: Careful though...Ever tried looking into a solar eclipse? The sheer magnitude will f*cking blind you.

  • divamuffin

    forget slumdog...this is my kind of award show!

  • beez

    let's see what you look like Noah. I bet you smell like two camels crapped on you

  • noah

    Hmm, what about a "Lady Who Looks the Most Like a Man and/or Chewbacca" category. It would be a dead heat between Khloe "Wookie" Kardashian and Patti "My Man-Jaw Could Crush Your Skull" Stanger.