Lily Allen: Bikini Time in the Bahamas

Lily Allen: Bikini Time in the Bahamas-photo

Proud third-nipple owner Lily Allen sun-splashed herself on a beach in the Bahamas this weekend, enjoying some downtime from the promotional trek for her new album, It's Not Me, It's You.

Worst drug counselor in the world Allen, 23, spent a leisurely day hanging out with friends, chowing on french fries and fruit, and napping in the sunshine.

Allen seems to be trying to cut down on the booze, too; she reportedly turned down the offer of a tropical rum cocktail at one point.

Is this the same Lily Allen we know and love?

The same one that had to use Google to figure out how she got home from a night of drinking?

Now that's change we have trouble believing in.



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  • Shalia

    More ladies should shop at World Swimwear for better swimsuits.

  • god damn it
    god damn it

    she already said the drugs comments aren't true...

  • anonymous

    Please please, ignore any reports that Lily Allen condones drug use, THEY ARE FALSE REPORTS, LILY ALLEN HAS FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE PRESS. all the comments about drug use, made were not made by Lily Allen

  • bawwow

    she got skinny! time for a new suit!