Lindsay Lohan: Looking Thin in NYC

Lindsay Lohan, 22, was a visible presence at New York City’s Fashion Week, but mostly everyone was talking about how thin that presence was.

The Daily Mail reports that Lohan “looks skinnier than ever” in a recent headline.

At the opening of designer Matthew Williamson’s new store in Manhattan last night, Linds was in a coral-colored, strapless dress that showed off a jutting collarbone as seen in this photo.

She attended several shows and parties during Fashion Week, looking like she had lost a substantial amount of weight.

Earlier in the day, while engaging in her favorite pastime in Soho, Lohan looked rather bony as she perused boutiques in leggings and a transparent white t-shirt that showed off her slender frame.

Of course, the recent weight loss combined with Lohan and galpal Samantha Ronson cancelling on a Valentine’s party hosting/DJ gig at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida due to Ronson’s alleged ear infection has led to talk that their volatile relationship might be in the volcano again.

Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson were in town to support Ronson’s sister Charlotte’s show at Bryant Park.

The couple were all smiles until they got into a public argument in front of paparazzi while leaving the after-party, according to the Daily Mail.

The actress is nowhere near the skeletal appearance she had back in 2006 when she admitted she had been bulimic and using drugs.

“I was making myself sick,” the actress told Vanity Fair at the time as reported by Fox News.