Lindsay Lohan’s Early-Morning Visit to Chace Crawford

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan has bounced back from her bout of Valentine’s Day weekend illness.

The 22-year-old actress, who had to bail on a club-hosting gig with her GF Samantha Ronson on Saturday because the two supposedly were ill, was spotted by TMZ heading to Chace Crawford’s pad in New York today.

At six in the morning.

Probably while Ronson lay sick in bed, nursing her flu and ear infection.

Lohan’s feelings for Crawford, 23, have been a matter of public record for months. Back in October LiLo made a spectacle of herself at the Diesel Rock N’ Roll Circus party by hanging all over Chace all night.

“Some part of her body was always touching him—at one point hip to hip,” an eyewitness said at the time. “She was also giving him the filthiest looks, whispering in his ear, and turning everything he said into an innuendo.”

For the record, Lohan was quick to tell TMZ’s observers that there’s nothing going on between her and Crawford. But come on; a 6 a.m. visit? Judging from Lindsay’s increasingly skeletal state, she clearly wasn’t popping in to see if Chace wanted to go to grab some breakfast.