Miley Cyrus Goes to the Dogs

A sushi-energized Miley Cyrus was in London to perform on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway this weekend. And she showed off her comfy doggie pajamas when paparazzi spotted her outside her hotel.

The puppy pants were apparently the high point of her London jaunt, which lasted less than 20 hours.

The Sun reports that Cyrus, 16, forgot the lyrics to her single “Fly on the Wall” during her television performance on British TV.

Witnesses say that the recently remorseful Cyrus stopped singing and turned her back to the audience during the five minute appearance.

“I saw her go quiet and wondered why, then I noticed her miming ‘Oh my God, I forgot my lines!’ to her dancer at the end,” a fan wrote on an online forum about the performance.

It was an expensive flop for Miley’s record company.

Hollywood Records and Polydor are said to have shelled out $213,000 to fly the Hannah Montana star across the water to the UK.

“Due to time constraints the only way Miley could come to the UK was on a private jet. All her dancers were on the flight and they were chauffeured everywhere. The costs were covered by Hollywood Records, who look after all Disney artists and Polydor.”

However, ITV (the channel that broadcasts Saturday Takeaway) says that the doggie-drawered singer did fine by them.

“We were really pleased to have Miley perform on the show,” a rep says.