Post V-day Special: Bachelor Matt Grant Moves in With Lady Love

English Bachelor Matt Grant is moving quickly in the name of love again—and this time he is sure it’s the real thing.

The star of Bachelor: London Calling has moved in with his girlfriend Sarah Robarts, a mother of two.

“We’ve been living together since December,” Grant tells Celebuzz exclusively. “It just feels right.”

“I know Sarah is most definitely the one,” says Grant.  ”We’ve already overcome some really difficult times together. But we have so much fun together, too.”

The romantic Brit got right back up on the relationship horse following his late July break-up with Shayne Lamas. Grant picked Lamas, an actress and the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, from 25 female contestants vying for the English financier on Bachelor.

But one month after the final show aired, Grant said that he had moved out of Lamas’ Los Angeles condominium. Indicating he and Lamas had moved in “too quickly,” a break-up followed shortly thereafter.

Fellow Brit Robarts is the owner of a boutique PR firm that once handled Grant. He says that living with gorgeous Sarah has forced him to shed 25 lbs from his end-of-show weight.

“I was always non-stop doing the show,” Grant says. “Eating on the go, drinking too much. It all got to me. Sarah has whipped me into shape.”

“She’s my best friend, my soul mate and my fitness guru. We’re both extremely happy.”