Tom and Connor Cruise: A Day at the Races

Tom Cruise treated his adopted son Connor, 14, to some VIP fun at the Daytona 500 over the weekend.

How is it possible that Connor is 14 years old already? Has it really been that long since Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted him?

Cruise was the honorary pace-car driver for this weekend’s festivities and was also reunited with the car he drove in his racing movie Days of Thunder.

The venerable car race took an interesting personal turn when Cruise came face-to-face with country singer Keith Urban, who happens to be Nicole Kidman’s current husband.

Urban was at the 500 to as a featured artist at Sunday’s pre-race concert. 

Both Urban and Cruise were special guests as the drivers’ pre-race meeting, and Cruise was said to have “heartily applauded” for Urban when his name was called, according to the Baltimore Sun.

TMZ reports that the two gentlemen later shook hands before chatting and laughing for a few minutes.