Camilla Belle Rings for GQ, Stays Mum on Men

Camilla Belle took a break from breaking teen superstar hearts to wrap up in some seriously skimpy dresses.

The actress is featured in this month’s GQ magazine, with prettyboy Justin Timberlake on the cover.

“I know what I’m doing,” she reassures reporter Mickey Rapkin of her alleged romances with both Joe Jonas and Robert Pattinson.

Those boys are about to get a run for their money, however. Rumor has it Camilla is this close to signing on for Bruce Willis’ directorial debut Three Stories About Joan.

Belle would play character Joan, along with two other actresses, at three poignant times in her life.

And as for those pale pop stars? Look for Belle to get a little flavor in her love life.

“Brazilian men are comfortable with their sexuality, with sensuality,” she said.

Good luck getting that tan, Joe and Rob.



Photo: Mark Abrahams / GQ