Kardashian ‘Twinsies’ Have Style Sixth Sense

Leave it to Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe to pick virtually the same dress. What’s unpredictable?

They’re not fighting about it.

The fashion-savvy sisters, on a business trip to New York Fashion Week where they’re scouting looks for their Calabasas, Ca. boutique Dash, the ladies popped up at Badgley Mishka’s runway show.

In almost identical asymmetrical black dresses, both from the design team, they look the picture of sibling bliss.

“They sent us each about a dozen dresses and coincidentally we just chose similar ones.  We described them to each other over the phone and we were like OMG did they send us the same dress?” Khloe writes on her official blog.

If this were E!’s Keeping Up with The Kardashians, a screaming, slapping fight would likely ensue.

But not in the magic of the Bryant Park tents.

“Clearly they didn’t—we just have similar taste! Awww sisters,” said Khloe.