Lady GaGa: I Kissed A Girl (and a Guy)

Lady GaGa: I Kissed A Girl (and a Guy)-photo

The Pantsless One (aka Lady GaGa) has a sensuous new video out for her song "Love Game," and in it she locks lips with both sexes.

In the clip, in which she express a need to ride on someone's "disco stick" (!!!), GaGa writhes in a parking attendant's booth with a male cop who suddenly becomes a female one. 

Katy Perry much?

And don't think she put pants on for this venture.

The Lady dances about in her usual bedazzled leotard and other odd fashion choices, at one point sporting a pair of sunglasses that appear to be crafted out of a chainlink fence.

Just a typical day at the office for the GaGa.



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  • josh

    Im a 65 virgin who loves younge boys im male and not married*hint hint*so anyone of you sxy boy want a wild ride call me 520-233-3453 must be 8 and younger NOW COME IM SO H88888

  • ishapepper

    She better not go gay sh*t! The majority of the people won't like it and she will loose listneers, Like me. If she has any thing to do with gay I'm deleting her off my ipod and more! Watch what you do lady ga ga you should go neutral so alot of people will down load your music and buy it....don't show your Gay or is it too late!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I haven't seen what there putting her out as a Lez.....I have her on my ipod as a normal person...(Love it) if she showes gay sh*t I will taker off my ipod and disown her from my kids eye sight, and won't listening to her music now.

  • lady gaga love
    lady gaga love

    i cant tell from that picture

  • Buckeyebenn

    I can totally see why she keeps wearing those giant sunglasses. Damn. Girl needs to find her proper camera angle and enforce it. I am not just going along with rumors here, but I though he/she looked like a dude from day 1...if she's just an ugly chick with a coincidental gay following than I am sorry, but I believe it's a man and we'll find out eventually.

  • panccho

    for those who think that lady gaga is hot no afence but.....she is funkin ugly!!!!!!

  • ladygagafanforever

    so sexy!! i love Lady Gaga

  • AlexisSCREAM

    sexybjpride, shes bi

  • sexybjpride

    i think she iz gay and i hope that she getz her azz in chekk. lol

  • Danni

    actually in the video only the female cop kissed her, the guy not he's just kissed her neck and thats it :) love her (L)

  • jharv

    I can totally see why she keeps wearing those giant sunglasses. Damn. Girl needs to find her proper camera angle and enforce it.

  • noah

    With this video, I'd rank Lady GaGa's contribution to the slutification of the female gender right up there with the "day-after pill." Job well done.

  • bawwow

    frikkin love it!