Shia LaBeouf: Five Things You Need To Know About His Video

This week Celebuzz reported on Shia LaBeouf’s directoral debut—the “Minds Awake” video for the band Rumspringa.

Now, we can bring you five need-to-know facts about LaBeouf’s big debut:

1) Shia is longtime friends with Itaru de la Vega, 22, Rumspringa’s drummer. “They’ve been buddies since they were in pre-school,” according to a Cantora Records rep. “So clearly Shia has been a fan of the band since the beginning.”

2) This video was shot on a four-day road trip to guitarist/vocalist Joey Steven’s father’s house in Colorado, Jan 10-15. Shia himself says in a just-released statement: “We never had a concept. We had a plan to road trip to Joey’s Dad’s house in Colorado (which also happens to be the biggest grouping of monasteries and ashrams in the U.S.).

‘With that in mind we Karouac’d it to Colorado.”

3) The video was shot on 8 mm and 16 mm cameras with Shia at times “playing with the exposure” for the lighting affects, says the rep. “It’s got an old school and nostalgic vibe.” 

4) The live concert section was shot under Shia’s direction at the Unknown Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 16.

5) Shia made a choice not to appear in the video. “This video is about the band,” says the rep. 

Check the Rumspringa video out here:


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