Kim Kardashian: Forget Paris

Kim Kardashian shot her former BFF, Paris Hilton, an interesting sideways glance at the Tracy Reese Fall 2009 show on Monday in NYC.

And Paris sure did seem to be trying hard to studiously avoid her one-time gal-pal’s gaze.

Could there be continuing tensions between the two? Sometimes in this town, it’s not what is said, but what isn’t said — as Kardashian’s blog post later made clear.

In Kim’s personal blog she goes out of her way to shout out to just about everyone at the event —  except for Paris and Nicky Hilton. The two were sitting right next to her even if they seemed to be doing everything they could to make some distance. 

Kim relates how she met Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley (“I had to walk up and introduce myself and he said, darling I know who you are, Kardashian! I almost fainted!”).

Kim met Kellie Pickler who was “such a doll.”

She mentions her boyfriend Reggie Bush, who sat on one side of her at the show. She even mentions her hair guy Mario. But she never mentions the people sitting on her other side.

And let’s face it, the picture proves Kim knew they were there even if they were wearing sunglasses. You can almost feel the chill.