Miley Cyrus: I Love My…Pajama Pants!

Multi-millionaire tween queen Miley Cyrus seems to get more casual with each passing day. Now she’s succumbed to wearing sleepwear in public.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star made a Rite Aid run in Los Angeles wearing purple pjs today.

Earlier this week, she was spotted leaving her London hotel in pajama pants decorated with a dog design.

And just last month she showed off her new T-shirt which read, “Take A Picture It Will Last Longer,” which was paired with—you guessed it—another pair of pjs.

Ironically, Socialite Life reports that Miley wanted to give her dad a makeover. She said his  “Clint Eastwood Pajamas” look has got to go. Hey Miley, if you don’t think it’s appropriate for your dad to lounge around in nightwear, what’s your excuse?

Will America’s streets and shopping malls teem with with tween girls sporting messy locks and pajamas? Or is this this one potential trend that will put the nation’s youth to sleep?

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