Taylor Swift Has ‘Rolling Stone’ Covered

Taylor Swift has had her share of triumph and heartache in the past year, but it all seems to be paying off for the 19-year-old country-music sensation.

Swift will pass a major milestone in her career tomorrow, when she shows up on newsstands across the country as Rolling Stone’s latest cover girl.

Writer Vanessa Grigoriadis, who spent considerable time with Swift to craft the profile, offers insight on her subject on the magazine’s Web site

“She really is like a tomboy,” Grigoriadis says. “I asked her if she likes to get manicures and she was like ‘No, I don’t do that.’ She doesn’t go get massages, she eats crappy food. She was like, ‘Yeah, I totally am a tomboy. If I had been better at sports, I would have just been a tomboy. But I wasn’t, so I got into singing.'”

The journalist adds that Swift is particularly hands-on about her career: “She has a say in everything.”

And what does Swift have to say about being RS’s latest cover topic? “She’s so excited,” Grigoriadis notes. “She said she cried. She talked about how she never went in saying that she’ll be on the cover of Rolling Stone.”

The cover of Rolling Stone isn’t the only appearance Taylor is making this week. Check out our gallery of photos of Swift at this year’s BRIT Awards.