Victoria Beckham: In NYC and Skinny as Ever

Victoria Beckham, 34, showed off her twiggy figure (and collarbone and spinal cord) at the opening of Giorgio Armani’s new store in New York City last night.

The fashion showcase that is Posh showed up in an asymmetrical tunic dress and matching satin heels, according to the Daily Mail.

As opposed to her new penchant for wearing a trenchcoat. And little else.

Armani’s panty model is putting supermodels to shame with her lack of body fat.

This would seem to be the look in NYC this fashion week. Right, Lindsay Lohan?

Other celebs at last night’s opening of Armani’s new three-story shop (which is reportedly encased in a striking glass cube) included Alica Keys, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin and Liam Neeson.

Beckham was in NYC to debut her own Victoria Beckham Dress Collection on Sunday. But she acknowledged her employer Armani as one of her heroes when speaking to the press.

“I have so much respect for Mr. Armani—you know, I can dream,” she said. We know, Posh, we’ve seen your husband. A dream fulfilled!