Zac Efron Talks ’17 Again’

Zac Efron is ready to move past the hugely successful High School Musical franchise with his upcoming film 17 Again, and the hopeless romantic and straw-fedora aficionado discusses the new project in a recent interview with The Daily Record.

For one thing, working on the project spurred Efron, currently 21, to reflect on his own late teens, when he was just beginning his meteoric rise to fame.

“I was a pretty standard teenager, I’m not just saying that. I had a very standard high school experience for a typical guy,” Efron reminisces. “I was not the heart-throb of the class in any way and not a total geek, I fell somewhere in-between. I was just a regular kid. My life was set, I was going to go to college, I was going to try to do something great, like be a doctor.”

Zac also makes a confession that might not sit too well with his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. Apparently, he was immediately smitten with his 17 Again co-star, Leslie Mann.

“After five minutes of talking with Leslie, I had a crush on her,” Efron admits. “She’s so natural and funny and sweet. She’s very interesting. That was one thing about working with her. Leslie is unlike any actress I’ve worked with before.”

Wow; first Megan Fox sets her sights on Zac, and now he admits he had the hots for his co-star. Hudgie Bear better keep her eyes peeled.