Brad Pitt and Sons: Viva Las Vegas!

Brad Pitt and Sons: Viva Las Vegas!-photo

Las Vegas provided Brad Pitt, 45, and adopted sons Maddox, 7, and Pax, 5, with some guy time yesterday while mom Angelina Jolie and the girls (Shiloh and Zahara) were out being cosmopolitan in NYC.

Pitt and sons were spotted at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel yesterday before heading over to the MGM Mansion, where sources tell Us three Wii consoles were delivered to their room.

Wouldn't it be more of a bonding experience if they used the same one? Rich people.

Brad sported a white jersey, khakis, porkpie hat and shades while Maddox and Pax were in their usual cool kid casual.

Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, mom Jolie and daughters Zahara and Shiloh were spotted at favorite hangout Lee's Art Shop while Jolie was said to be searching out potential NYC properties to buy.

Angelina is said to either be scouting temporary places to stay during the filming of her upcoming spy thriller Salt, OR actually looking for a more permanent domicile for their "It's A Small World" family in the Big Apple.

Both actors seem to be getting some family time in before the allegedly HUGE confrontation that is supposed to take place at the Night Before The Oscars charity event on Saturday night between Angelina and Brad's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

All three are expected to appear at the $25,000 per ticket event as hosts, and it is reportedly the first time Aniston and Jolie will have been in a room together since 2005.

Brad is probably wishing he could stay with the boys in Vegas.



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  • denise
    denise purely pathetic. paying attention to these people. they are virtually hideous. adopt children from impoversished countries, save darfur, speak on behalf of refugees and all of the genocide and horror that afflicts these countries that she wants to save so badly, but at the same time lets jet set from one of our several mansions hobknobbing with the richest of rich and spend kagillions on designer clothes and bodyguards, nannies, shopping sprees, limos, jewelry and whatever else she can manipulate. such a wonderful example you two are. well, i guess they make up for it in one of their once in awhile appearances to a refugee camp or something of that sort.

  • Laura

    How desperate Jen Aniston must be to attend the Oscars when she isnt promoting a movie,or been nominated for anything! Matter of fact,she’s NEVER been nominated for an Oscar! It’s an obvious attempt to get attention from Brad,and to boost her career by linking herself,yet again,with what she disdainfully calls “the bermuda triangle’. The oscar ppl are trying to boost ratings,but why would jen play into their hands unless she likes the solacious attention! She's pathetic.