Diamonds, the Other Star in Britney's Video

Diamonds, the Other Star in Britney's Video-photo

We've seen the insane shoes, now bring on the bling!

Britney Spears took to her website to show off some of the blinding rocks she's wearing in her new video.

The result: enough sparkle power in a suitcase full of art deco pieces from jeweler Neil Lane to make the Oscar Red Carpet curl up in the corner in shame. All told, a collection worth more than $3 million clams.

As Erin Shiba of the Diamond Information Center says looking over the booty, "Diamonds do have healing power."

If that's the case, we won't be worrying about Britney's health for some time.



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  • jharv

    Those two chicks in the film are total creepshows. I wouldn't be surprised if they began rubbing those baubles over their naughty bits when the camera shut off. *shiver* It's just diamonds, damn.