J Lo’s Biggest Fashion Critic: Her Mom

As much flak as Jennifer Lopez may get for taking risks with fashion, there’s only one critic she answers to—her mother.

“The only thing that really matters is if your mother calls you up the next day and says, ‘What were you wearing?'” Lopez told WWD magazine yesterday at a clothing launch in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Lopez, along with pals Leah Remini and Gwen Stefani, celebrated stylist Andrea Lieberman’s clothing line collaboration with Barney’s New York.

The red carpet has become a playing field for the diva, who has experienced tremendous heights in high fashion and the occasional miss. The pro is even rolling with the economic punches.

“I think you can get criticized if you’re wearing borrowed dresses now because it’s borrowed, and I think you can get criticized for if it’s not because you bought it [in this economy],” Mrs. Marc Anthony said.

One thing is for sure—she’s not slacking on her movie star duties.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing dress up right now.”

We concur, Jennifer.