Jennifer Garner Makes Surprise Visit on Husband Ben’s Big Night

Proud-wife Jennifer Garner brought a particularly bright light to the MSN Wonderwall Children Mending Hearts event last night, attempting a low-key visit to see her husband Ben Affleck speak.

For those who saw it, it was an endearing moment in an evening where the worst crimes against humanity were being discussed on stage.

Celebuzz was on hand for the event when Garner, dressed in dark cocktail dress, made a subtle entrance through a darkened door while her husband was on stage speaking about the tragic humanitarian situation in the Congo—a topic of particular passion for Affleck.  As he finished his speech to applause, Affleck returned to his table where he received a welcoming hug and kiss from his wife.

Garner then promptly left, eluding many of the press corps on hand. It was a brief night out for the mother of two young girls as she left a water-sipping Affleck holding court for the remainder of the evening. Garner even opted out of a four-song Sheryl Crow concert.

It was also a rare night out. Garner did not even attend the supremely high-profile He’s Just Not Into You premiere earlier this month. Clearly she knew this was truly her man’s big night.