Kate Winslet: No More Nude Scenes

Kate Winslet: No More Nude Scenes-photo

Kate Winslet, 33, tells Time magazine in an upcoming interview that she is through doing nude scenes.

In the intervew (as reported by Page Six), the speech redeemed Winslet says that she thinks enough is enough.

"I think I won't [get naked in a movie] again. I can't keep getting away with it, and I don't want to become 'that actress who always gets her kit off,' " she says.

The actress (who is content with her rear end) appears nude several times in her Oscar-nominated film The Reader.

She is nominated for Best Actress for her role as a post-World War II trolley conductor with a dark secret who begins an affair with a teenage boy.

The Oscars are this Sunday night.

Winslet has appeared sans clothing in nine other films, including Little Children, Titanic, and Hamlet.

Kate looks good, so why not flaunt it while she's got it?

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  • Master12

    I love her body. It's so beautiful without clothes. I guess im going to follow Noah and not watch anymore Kate Winslet Movies.

  • tcbk2005

    she looks like a cake when she is nude

  • noah

    Noah, 26, tells this comment thread that he is through watching Kate Winslet movies then.

  • tigertaint

    she was good in little children. she has a pretty realistic body compared to most movie stars. def consumes more calories than she burns.


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